For every tour we specify the language that will be used. A tour will never be in more than two languages.  If you book a private tour, you can of course select your own language.

The guide will be at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to departure and will wear a Ghent Guides-badge. Beside he/she will have a namelist. Don’t follow a guide without badge and namelist.

Of course you have the possibility to cancel your booking. However, we can not offer a refund. Just let us know as fast as possible, then someone else can take your place and we don’t wait in vain.

Yes, our tours continue also in bad weather conditions. If the conditions would be too bad, we’ll let you know in advance.

Normal city clothing is just fine. Try to wear shoes which are comfortable for a 90/120-minute walk. In case of rain bring a rainjacket and/or an umbrella with you. In case of cold weather conditions wear warm clothes.

We are specialized in individual visitors, who join a group. The expectations and interests of individual visitors are different from companies, organisations, touringcars, etc. as they mostly follow a fixed programme. Individual travellers still can use information once they are on the spot. Beside the more “classical” stories of a guide, we’ll provide you with practical information. Where are the nice bars, where can I find local products, where can I go dancing tonight, etc.

In order to provide the best possible quality to our customers our groups are not bigger than 20 persons. Therefor it’s advisable to make a booking through our website. In this way you’re sure and you avoid disappointment. If you do not hold a reservation, you can always come to our meeting point and see if there is a place available.

Yes, it’s possible, but just let the guide know, so he/she does not wait for you or comes to search you.

As the tour is only 90 or 120 minutes, we don’t stop for a drink. There are public restrooms available during the walking tour. During the tour we’ll give you several recommendations of where you can go and grab a drink after the tour. On warm days it’s advisable to bring some water with you.